ClassyYuva is a Leading brand of Accessories from India. It is for the stylish and ambitious man/woman with an excellent sense of fashion. Someone who enjoys life and makes a difference because of his personal touch. ClassyYuva products source from around the world. The exceptional contemporary design shows off the ultimate refined simplicity for every occasion. We like to call this classy luxury.

ClassyYuva stands for high quality craftsmanship. Our products are selected with the utmost care from different areas around the world. We inspect by hand to make sure you only get the best.

At ClassyYuva we don’t stop with the product itself. It is about the whole package. A true eye-catcher that even looks fabulous on the table next to your designer books. 

Owning a ClassyYuva is a chance to take care of the Children, 20% of ClassyYuva total sales each year will be donated to Children In Need.

The power of ClassyYuva is to combine beautiful craftsmanship with style principles that are unique and durable. Something for the true gentleman/woman.