Wearing a ClassyYuva Accessories?

becomes a part of your identity.

Men & Women have worn bracelets for centuries. If you have paid attention during your childhood history lessons at school, you might remember that warriors and kings/queens from various cultures wore bracelets on their wrists. Men/Women decorated their wrists with all kinds of elements like bones and shells to ward off evil spirits in prehistoric times. Rich men/women wore bracelets to show their status and power. In the course of time, bracelets evolved from a good luck charm to a status symbol and eventually to the modern style accessory for men/women.

Nowadays we wear bracelets to show the world who we think we are. The choice of material, color and shape are all elements that shows what kind of personality the wearer has.

Men/Women are still uncertain whether they should add a bracelet to their wardrobe. Why should you? Read the five reasons why you should own a unique bracelet and convince yourself!

#conversation starter

Accessories are items to visualize your personal identity. Unique accessories always draw attention.
Maybe you've already experienced that strangers start approaching you more often when you wear a bracelet that looks like it has a cool story. Wearing a bracelet can be a great conversation starter. It could break awkward silences in a slow conversation which leads to a pleasant atmosphere.  There are a plenty of topics you can discuss about including the story, the craftsmanship or special details of the bracelet.


Wearing an eye-catching accessory attracts attention in a positive way. It distinguishes you and makes you more interesting. It doesn’t matter if you are in a formal or informal setting. Imagine you’re on a beach and the only accessory you can wear is a bracelet. Think about that.. 

#your identity

Bracelets are like watches, you can wear them on a daily base. They can be a showcase of your prestige or social status. Always choose a bracelet that suits the occasion but keep it personal. Some bracelets are more suitable for informal occasions. Others are more elegant and suit more formal occasions. A bracelet is a versatile accessory that reflects your personality and emphasizes your complete outfit. A bracelet becomes a part of your identity.

#special meaning

A bracelet could also be worn as a reminder of a precious memory. Bracelets can have special meanings based on cultural traditions like memories of places where you have been. Bracelets can also symbolize the constellations. In some cultures a gemstone bracelet has a meaning that fits a particular constellation. Each gem represent specific powers, such as relaxation or protection.


Not only stylish Italian men/women in suits wear bracelets. Nowadays you see that bracelets are worn by a great diversity of personalities in all ages. It makes you a stylish and modern man/woman. A man/woman with a strong personality who shows that he/she can make his own choices.

A bracelet can be more helpful than you think. It can lift your style and probably your life to a whole new level. So if you are not wearing one yet, why not start wearing a bracelet today?